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Immigration Legal Update

Dear Clients,

JCA hereby brings to your attention the following – regarding immigration services in Mozambique:

The National Immigration Services (SENAMI) has introduced an online platform for the request of several immigration documents (such as visas and Passports), including their renewal, designated by “SIGAV” – Sistema de Gestão de Agendamentos e Validaçōes (System for the Management of Appointments and Validations). Due to a higher than usual volume of requests as a consequence of the suspension of issuance and renewal of immigration documents during the State of Emergency, in some cases, the system has set appointments for later dates than those requested by the applicants, which culminated with the automatic generation of fines for Residence Permits (DIRE) and visa renewals. 

For this reason, SENAMI has determined that applicants who have requested appointments up to the 30th of September 2020, but have had their appointments scheduled by the system for a later date, are exempt from the relevant fines.  

As a result of this decision, SENAMI will reimburse the amount of the fines paid by applicants of DIREs and visas that have been terminated, who are in the situation described in the previous paragraph. For this purpose, the applicant shall request the relevant Provincial Director of Immigration, in writing, the reimbursement of the amounts paid, attaching proof of the appointment date and payment of the relevant fine, within a maximum of 15 days, counting from the 8th of October 2020. 

For appointments scheduled after the 30th of September, should a fine been generated and charged, such fine is suspended from the date of the appointment.    

Should you required additional information or assistance with any of these matters, please contact Josina Correia (josina.correia@jcadvogados.co.mz); Silvia Cunha (silvia.cunha@jcadvogados.co.mz) or the JCA Admin team (jca.geral@jcadvogados.co.mz).

Kind regards,

Maria Ribeiro