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Telecommunications Sector

The Government of Mozambique has approved a Regulation for Protection of Consumers of Telecommunications Services by Decree 44/2019, of 22 May. This new regulation will be enforced without prejudice to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and the Telecommunications Law in what relates to consumer protection. 

The regulation is not only directed at telecommunication services operators and consumers, but it also targets operators of television, phone, data, and video operators, and suppliers of telecommunications equipment. 

The Regulation covers rights and obligations to operators as well as to consumers, in terms of the following:

  • Registration requirements 
  • Requirements for drafting of services agreements
  • Invoicing rules
  • Market abuse 
  • Confidentiality 
  • Right to complaint and appeal
  • Public information regarding the services
  • Rules on fiscalization by the Regulatory Authority

The Regulation will enter into force on the 22 July 2019.